Mindfulness Challenge: Week 3

I forgot to post on Friday because I started a new job last week and I am beat! I took my time off of work to relax with my wife instead. 

So, to recap last week: 

I made friends at my new job by leading a three minute guided meditation before we clocked on, to help us all deal with the stress of the project we’re working on. So far it seems to really be helping to take just a couple minutes and relax before heading back in.

I found mindful eating really hard. I found that it takes an incredible amount of focus to eat mindfully instead of eating mindlessly while I’m doing something else. I did manage to find at least once each day to create a few minutes in which I ate something with my full attention, and I did fairly well at eating things that make me feel better instead of things that will make me feel worse. And I am slowly–very slowly– learning to recognize both “hunger,” and “satiety.” I’ll keep practicing over the next few weeks as I adjust to my new schedule and the demands I’m now putting on my body. 

I did come out of this week with a deeper appreciation of everyone who is involved with making sure I have fuel for my body. 

This week, we are focusing on moving mindfully. This can look like: 

  • Exercise as a way to love our bodies, not change them
  • Full attention paid to how we move, the press of our feet on the ground, the swing of our hips, the way our muscles feel contracting and expanding
  • Recognizing and honoring when we are tired, sore, or injured and not pushing ourselves when we need to rest.

Because my job currently consists of getting a new department store ready to open, I know I’ll be moving fast and hard this week. I will be focusing on both honoring my body’s need for rest and recuperation, and on loving the way I can move, be strong, and use my body to help other people do things that are necessary.

Regardless of your level of mobility, spoons, or other physical barrier, I hope you’ll join me in reveling in the feel of motion when you can this week 

Further Reading: 

Mindful Movement Primer and Cautions
Exercise For Those With Limited Mobility
Deepak Chopra’s 6 Tips For Mindful Exercise
comment below and tell me what you thought about last week’s challenge, what you think about this week’s challenge, and what you’re doing to honor your body today/this week! your body is amazing, friend. no matter what your level of physical ability, you’re invited to honor and enjoy it. 


One thought on “Mindfulness Challenge: Week 3

  1. Thanks again for doing these. I also had a hard time with this week’s. Mindful eating is not something that comes easily to me, but I did do at least a “thank you, farmers and truck drivers and shelf stockers” when I remembered to. I look forward to this week’s!


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