Mindfulness Challenge: Week 2 

I want to begin by stressing that the intent of thinking about our relationship to food is not to buy into the cultural mythos surrounding food and weight. This is not and will never be a weightloss challenge or blog. 

As always if you find that this week triggers unhealthy behavior, anxiety, distress or depression, please practice self care and walk away. Your health is important. 

Last week we started practicing taking space for ourselves. This week begins by focusing on intentionally moving through the world. Eating is one of the things we have to do every day, and it is laden with cultural and psychological significance. 

This week there are a couple options to begin eating mindfully. 

  • Choose one meal a day. Eat that meal without doing anything else. No phone, tv, book, conversation. Focus on the tastes, textures, sounds, emotions you feel as you eat. 
  • Before eating, take three minutes to sit mindfully and ask yourself if you are hungry and what you are wanting to eat. Pay attention to why you are wanting to eat if you are not hungry. Are you thirsty? Emotional? Feeling like it’s meal time? Habit-driven? 
  • Choose a piece of fruit and eat it slowly, chewing each piece thoroughly and paying attention to the layers of flavor. As you eat, focus on the process that brought you this fruit. The water cycle, farmers, fruit pickers, grocer, etc etc. Give thanks for each step in the process as you enjoy the fruit. 

Thich Nhat Hahn, in his book Savor, describes mindful eating as a way of connecting ourselves to the world around us and honoring the interconnection of all things. Following his example, this week the focus is on rooting ourselves in gratitude and self-love, so we can begin to connect in a more authentic way with ourselves and our communities. 

Further reading: 

Six Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

What Is Mindful Eating?

Savor by Thich Nhat Hahn and Dr. Lilian Cheung

comment below and tell me what you will be trying to incorporate mindful eating into your meditation practice! feel free to share links, examples, and thoughts! an apple a day, right? 


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