Product Review: Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towlettes 

Burt’s Bees didn’t pay me. Also, I didn’t receive anything for free in exchange for this post (although… Burt’s Bees if you’d like to sponsor a post I wouldn’t say no 😉 )

So I have incredibly sensitive skin. I mean, incredibly sensitive. I break out at the first sign of chemicals or most herbal supplements. And I have tried a lot– like, a literal drugstore aisle full– of cleansers, lotions, creams, you name it. 

So go figure, it’s the stuff I bought for $5.99 at Winco that changed my skin care routine for good. Look, gents, ladies and others… I have to REALLY like something to want to plug a product. But these wipes feel so good I look for reasons my skin might have gotten dirty so I have an excuse to use them. 

They’re mildly vanilla scented, and they have aloe in them, so if either of those is an allergy trigger for you, avoid them. But if they aren’t, GET THEE TO A DRUGSTORE FORTHWITH. 

They are smooth, cool, soft, and leave my skin feeling moisturized and soft. None of that stinging or tightness I’ve come to associate with face cleanser. They feel good on my hands and face, and they’re excellent at removing makeup as well as the daily grime of life. They’re biodegradable and super cheap ($6 bucks gets you 30 wipes, which is about a two week’s supply for me) so I don’t feel bad about using as much as I want. And, I can use them before or after shaving without redness, bumps or irritation. 
10/10 would (have and will) buy again. 


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