Try Something Thursday 

Today, I am trying something new. 

I am fascinated by the science and psychology behind habit formation. I’ve been working on quitting smoking, using the Butt Out app to step down. Because I’ve also read plenty of science that says replacing the habit is better than pretending you’re just not a creature of habit (spoiler alert: you are)… 

I am going to begin replacing smoking with drinking water. 

Confession: I’m terrible at drinking water. I just don’t like it. And I can tell, because my skin is feeling dry and my muscles are crampy. But still… I don’t like it. 

Solution: I’ve got myself some Crystal Light pink lemonade stuff. After coffee this morning, I’ll be making watery pink lemonade and carrying that with me throughout the day. 

I know it’s not, like, perfect. But it’s gotta be better than diuretic sodas, right? 


3 thoughts on “Try Something Thursday 

  1. Well, I’m digging the Crystal Light Wild Strawberry juice. It’s really good. Idk if it’s making me want less cigarettes ( spoiler alert: I’m addicted) but it feels good to be drinking water.


  2. Also I’ve had three bottles of water Sans Crystal Light today and idk what’s happening to me but goddamn I’m peeing like a racehorse


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