I am fat.

I am beautiful.

I am stylish and talented.

But I am not healthy.

This blog serves a couple purposes: first, it keeps me on track with getting and staying healthy. We’ll never talk weight numbers or diet plans because I don’t do that. I believe health is about how you feel, not about how much you weigh, or what size you are. I’m not trying to lose weight, although I accept that might happen.

I AM trying to:

  • Quit smoking for good
  • Quit diet soda and replace it with water
  • Give myself a space to talk about getting and staying healthy
  • Give some representation to femme guys

I like makeup. Particularly eye makeup, but I’m expanding my repertoire! I’m a beautiful boy who is trans and fat and that’s not changing but my health and thoughts might be.

I’ll always be a spoonie. Chronic illness doesn’t go away. I’ll always be autistic. I’ll always have depression.

But I can get stronger. I can make better choices. And I can take you along for the ride.

Here’s to Health At Every Size and to all of us femme guys who refuse to let toxic masculinity mean we can’t be pretty.


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